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STHS - Crisis has joined forces with a growing range of partners from across the industry to repopulate and revitalise any type of vacant space, anywhere in the U.K.

Welcome to The Vacancy Partnership.

Brand Partners

Brand Partners

High street startups, online brands and local independents

High street startups, digital-first brands and local independents

Let’s launch or expand your bricks & mortar presence


Property Partners

Owners and managers of high street or shopping centre assets

Let’s achieve and then sustain your occupancy targets

community champion

Place Partners

Councils, BIDs and all other local community champions

Let’s boost and regenerate your town centres

6-Extra Support

Solution Partners

Anyone with an offering that can help end the vacancy crisis

Let’s increase your reach and impact in the U.K. market

Solutions to any vacancy problem


JO by SaveTheHighStreet

We help high street entrepreneurs take their business to the next level with our digital assistant called JO.


High street incubators

We provide free space and support to launch, test and accelerate high street offerings.

CR 2023 Logo

Completely Retail

We list thousands of vacant units available to rent on high streets and in shopping centres around the U.K.

Next generation

Your next tenants

We engage 10,000+ businesses and run local campaigns to recruit new tenants anywhere in the U.K.

Smart selection

Smart match-making

We assess the suitability, risks and potential of any small or startup business looking at any vacant space.


Launch programmes

We ensure anyone opening new local premises, attracts and delights their customers from day 1.


Sustain programmes

We manage tenants on JO to trade better, track progress, reduce churn and increase income.


Commercialisation 2.0

We monetise under-utilised space by recruiting, retaining and growing income-generating local brands.


Future department stores

We transform larger vacant units into mixed-use, multi-tenant, vibrant indoor marketplaces.

2-Personal Plan

Leading industry events

We bring together owners and occupiers through The Completely Retail Marketplace and other events.

Retail Places

CompletelyRetail Places

We target vacancies across entire town centres with a single listing page, promoted by local campaigns.


Public-Private partners

We form cross-sector partnerships to address local vacancy challenges, now and for the long term.


Development schemes

We accelerate consultations, inform tenant mix, design marketing material, recruit tenants and more.

Wide support

Community-wide support

We mobilise all types of local influencers who want their high streets and shopping centres to succeed.


What’s next?

We recommend a personalised plan for each brand, landlord, place or solution partner. Let’s get started.

Ending the vacancy crisis benefits everyone

What’s the problem?

Thousands of national chains, regional brands and local independents of all shapes and sizes disappeared through the pandemic. Vacancy rates are at an all time high and the cost of living crisis is now intensifying the pressure.

What’s the solution?

A new approach is needed and the answer lies in collaboration. Innovative market leaders working together to deliver high-impact, joined-up solutions that can address any vacancy challenge, anywhere in the U.K.

What’s the impact?

Together, we can turn the vacancy crisis into a catalyst for rapid, positive change; helping high street entrepreneurs succeed every step of the way; repopulating and revitalising high streets and shopping centres for everyone.