There are lots of different things you can do as an independent retailer to keep a customer loyal.

First of all one of the tricks that our retailers tell us is to know them as a person – not just a customer. We spoke to Ana Rodriguez and Simon England to find out various ways they keep a customer loyal to your shop. For instance, they share some tips like the benefits of giving your customer discounts, loyalty cards, and knowing them by their name.

‘By the retailer, for the retailer’ are tips and advice shared within the independent business community, specially relevant to help all retailers adapt to the digitally enhancing world we live.

loyal customers, Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash

Ana Rodriguez is from Santamaria Shirtmakers. They stand out as a London based Tech-Tailoring start-up. Hence the bespoke shirts are made in a family workshop in Madrid using only the finest Italian fabrics. As a consequence, Santamaria family has more than thirty years of experience in men’s tailoring.

Simon England is from The London Cycle Workshop. TLCW is an established independent cycle business open daily, serving London’s fast growing cycling community for over five years.

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