Your company brand is your identity.

It represents you and your story and that’s what connects with the customer, adding that extra personal touch. We spoke to Andy Logan, Irena Lane and Ana Rodriguez and about their brand and why it’s so special and individual to them.

Making Your Brand Individual. Photo by Annie Pratt on Unsplash

Ana Rodriguez is from Santamaria Shirtmakers. They stand out as a London based Tech-Tailoring start-up. Hence the bespoke shirts are made in a family workshop in Madrid using only the finest Italian fabrics. As a consequence, Santamaria family has more than thirty years of experience in men’s tailoring.

Andy Logan is the founder of Vape Emporium. His shop offers premium products and a high quality service that local residents love. It is the UK’s leading electronic cigarette retailer, with vape shops in London at Hampstead and Richmond. Hence, they’ve collected and tested all the best quality vaping supplies you could need, including premium & gourmet e-Liquids, high-powered box mods, and vape pipes.

Irena Lane is the owner of Lagom. The location in Gabriel’s Wharf on the upper Thames reflects the relaxed yet classic and elegant aesthetic of the brand. Also, Irena comes to the retail world of London with a strong design background. In her shop she wants to create a personal connection and service aspect of shopping.

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