Today your website is your business card. Starting with a domain name that represents your business is the first step to getting a website. SaveTheHighStreet.org is working with Nominet, the company that powers theUKdomain and provides .uk .co.uk .me.uk .org.uk  domains to everyone. 

Three steps to website heaven:

  1. Head on over to www.theukdomain.uk and see if the domain name for your business is still available. Thousands of domain names ending in .uk are registered every day so act fast! (Tip: if the first name you try isn’t available try a small variation on the name).
  2. When you have found a domain name that is available (you get a big green tick and the word ‘Available’ appears) just press the Select button. This takes you to a list of hand picked registrars who reserve the domain for you and help you make a website, a professional email and hold your hand through the process.
  3. Check out the various registrar special promotional offers and just pick the one you like. Simple as that. (Promo Prices start from just a few pounds per year).

How getting online can help local shops. Neil Dagger of theUKdomain, broke down the misconceptions shared around getting your businesses online. Many small retailers are under the impression that building your domain is time consuming, costly and complicated, Neil tells us why its all a myth. Watch our video ‘Online Myths Debunked’.

Consumer Trust: why getting online matters. Consumer trust is a huge issue in retail. It’s the foundation of sales. Without trust, a purchase becomes a risk, with your customer weighing up the chance that they’ll regret the purchase later, against the incentives for purchase. Watch our video on Building Customer Trust.

What do you need to consider when planning a website? Read theUKdomain’s guide to planning your website, to help you prepare website, before you build it. Read the guide here and check out these free resources on website building, covering general tips on building a winning website, sending your site to the top of Google’s search pages and much more.

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