Our retailers give their tips and share their knowledge on development, product selection and how to attract the customer attention.

Selecting your products and knowing your audience is key.

From the initial stages of developing and designing the idea, to talking through the different types of products with your customer, every stage is vital in making sure you select what your customers want.

How To Select The Right Products for your Customers. Photo by Mike Petrucci from Unsplash

Andy Logan is the founder of Vape Emporium. His shop offers premium products and a high quality service that local residents love. It is the UK’s leading electronic cigarette retailer, with vape shops in London at Hampstead and Richmond. Hence, they’ve collected and tested all the best quality vaping supplies you could need, including premium & gourmet e-Liquids, high-powered box mods, and vape pipes.

Vicky Brown is the owner of Just Williams Toys. It is a family run toy shop with stores in East Dulwich and Beckenham. They are always looking for new and exciting products across all our ranges to excite and keep customers coming back. They aim to have a toy for everyone be it for a newborn, arts and crafts to entertain on a wet day, educational resources to help with literacy or numeracy, a family game or the latest must have.

Rowena Howie is the owner of Revival Retro. Her shop is an award winning independent boutique in central London.The designs are classy, elegant and sophisticated. Having a bricks and mortar shop sets Revival Retro apart. As a result customers will travel far and wide to visit the Boutique. Consequently the in store experience regularly receives 5 star reviews.

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